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Dogs: New Puppy Hints

  • The first night at home can be difficult for a puppy. It will usually miss his or her litter mates. Sometimes a radio switched on quietly in the background or a ticking clock will help the puppy to settle.
  • Your puppy will probably need to visit a toilet in the night. A young puppy can not hold on for long periods of time. So do not play with your puppy during these moments; simply take it out to toilet and put it back to bed.
  • Toilet training takes time. Take your puppy outside to toilet often. The particular times of importance are: immediately after waking; after eating and drinking; after extended moments of play; and at times when the puppy shows the appropriate signs—walking in circles, sniffing the ground, etc.
  • Don’t give your puppy freedom of the house. Confine him to a couple of rooms to reduce the risk of little accidents. If puppy has an accident, white vinegar and water will remove lingering smells that might attract the dog to the same spot to toilet again. Whatever you do, don’t tell your puppy off when you find a little oops. If you catch your dog in the act simply take him outside to toilet in the right place.
  • Training a puppy takes time. Remember to be consistent in your commands and praise any attempt by the puppy to do your bidding. Respond positively to the behaviours you do want. For a calm behaviour, like sitting or lying down, tell your puppy “well done” but not in excitable tones. Similarly, ignore unwanted behaviour. If your puppy is barking at the door, for instance, you may rush to let him in. The puppy has now learned that this is a way to get attention and barks more often. By ignoring this behaviour and waiting for him to become quiet before letting him in, you haven’t taught him a bad habit.

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