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Home / Cats / Cats: Health Checks & Potential Problems

Cats: Health Checks & Potential Problems

Flea control is of paramount importance for the ongoing good health of your Kitty. Flea infestations can be most uncomfortable for both Kitty and her new owner. At the Pet Centre we can recommend what treatment is best used to control fleas. You should not use a flea collar until Kitty is at least 16 weeks old. A flea comb is an effectively cheap way to banish fleas. This only works as long as you keep combing your cat, though. We stock flea powders, flea shampoos as well as flea treatments and collars.

The two common worms that affect cats are Tapeworm and Roundworm. It is important that you worm Kitty as soon as you return home. Most pet shops should provide a worm tablet for you to use initially. To keep Kitty free of worms you should worm her at four, six, eight and twelve weeks of age and then every three months thereafter. Tablets are the convenient way to worm cats but if this is difficult there are worming pastes that do likewise. The Pet Centre has an extensive range of worming tablets and the able staff are only too happy to help with advice.

Remember that Kitty is totally dependant on you for her needs and that vaccinations are crucial. Your Kitty needs to receive a course of vaccinations from a vet over a three month period. Vaccinations have been developed to provide protection against many of the major diseases affecting cats. Many illnesses can be fatal so kittens especially should be first vaccinated at eight weeks of age and again at twelve weeks with another shot four weeks thereafter. Yearly booster shots are also recommended. Vaccinations do not give complete protection against every disease that can affect cats but they do give protection against the most prevalent of viruses.

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