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Home / Birds / Birds: Supplies You'll Need

Birds: Supplies You'll Need

1/ Cage, Cage Paper and a Cage Cover
Pet birds do well inside a spacious cage, and enjoy some form of daily exercise that requires a play area outside of the cage. Just how big a cage needs to be depends on the size of the bird itself. Once a cage has been chosen, attention needs to be paid to the daily changing of its paper which should be either a good quality newspaper, brown paper, paper towels, or other varieties. Remember also to cloak the bird’s cage with a cover not too heavy but sufficiently thick to keep the interior dark during evenings. This will assist a tired bird in getting a good night’s sleep.

2/ Food and Water Bowls
Your new companion requires a food and water bowl all to itself. Bear in mind that feeding dishes need to be strong enough to endure regular disinfecting.

3/ Toys
Birds like to fool around, and they enjoy a range of toys, including ladders, mirrors, swings, pecking or musical toys, wagons, roly-polys, bells, playgrounds, hollow-tub toys and action toys. Be careful, though, not to load the cage with so many toys that the bird is tripping over them left, right and centre.

4/ Perch
Nowadays, bird’s perches come in a variety of shapes and sizes with round, oval, square, rectangular and flat being the most popular choices. To minimize the risk of foot problems, it is recommended that the cage houses an alternative soft perch enhanced with any of the following materials:

  • Padded-cotton, cork, carpeting or some other soft material;
  • Paper towels, a flannel or felt;
  • Some form of soft hose;
  • Softwoods—white pine for lovebirds, canaries and parrots, balsa wood for parakeets and cockatiels.

Birds will spend equal amounts of time on both the rigid and non-rigid perches. These two kinds of perch can be improved with twigs and small branches that the happy pet can use to strengthen its beak.

5/ Bird Bath
Birds need to bathe regularly to maintain a healthy coat of feathers, a clean beak and strong claws. The simplest of all baths is a straightforward saucer with water. Some owners prefer to wash their feathered companions outside of the cage by using a sink and/or a gentle water sprayer. Another method involves placing damp vegetable leaves in the cage for the bird to not only clean itself but also to provide a nutritious snack.

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