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About us

First opened to the public in 1997.

Now as then, the goal of the store is to satisfy the requirements of all pet owners. This includes advice, training, food, and all the accessories a beloved  pet might desire—more than 30,000 stock items. What’s important to Eric is that the animals aren’t just sold, but that they’re sold to excellent homes, where care, attention and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

The popularity of the store’s pets never seems to diminish. Each year, the store sells over 500 kittens, 250 puppies, thousands of birds, and hundreds of rabbits and guinea pigs. Let’s not forget, also, the numerous goats, ferrets, chinchillas, rats, mice and even Kune Kune pigs that go out the door.

As is often the case with their owners, a pet’s health is attributable to what it eats. The long life of any pet, or lack thereof, according to Eric, is determined by the choice of diet. For cat and dog owners, in particular, this means feeding animals a premium food, such as Nutrience brand, and other quality brands.

With a reputation for being the best fish hobbyists’ store in the country, Wet Pets was established in 1989 by Eric Lister, who sought a change of direction in his lives after spending a number of years selling computers. Over time the store has changed location from Bennett Street to Tremaine Avenue.

Eric makes it a policy to try and stock every variety of tropical fish available from his wholesalers. Every variety of cold water fish is always available; whereas, marine fish have to be ordered to a customer’s requirements.Healthy new stocks of fish arrive each week.

All manner of tanks, filters, pumps, heaters, plants (living and quality replicas), plus a range of dry and live foods offer numerous choices for beginning and established hobbyists. In fact, all accessories come intact with a warranty or guarantee. 

Complementing all products and livestock are the knowledgeable Wet Pets staff. No question is too difficult to answer, and Eric invites fish keepers to contact him or his staff for informed, helpful advice.

In addition to owing and operating the largest pet shop in the Manawatu, Eric is one of NZ's leading Alpaca breeders with several hundred Alpacas on farm. Visit Thief of Hearts Alpaca Stud to find out more about these amazing animals. 

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